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Hello Scorpius Supporters,

We are excited to announce that Scorpius will be returning to the stage this February 2023, but we need your support to make sure this happens.
We will be premiering “The Table” at Metro Arts Theatre Space on February 2-4 2023. Like many other dance companies, Scorpius has had difficulty maintaining a budget and finding a space to perform these last few years.
We were very thankful for the support we received from many individuals and grants from the Arizona Arts Commission and the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture this past season. Because of this support, we performed “D.G” last January at The Phoenix Theatre, stayed up to date with our monthly bills, and kept our dance and aerial studio for company training and community classes.
Since we currently cannot rely on ticket sales to cover our production budget, we need your support to make sure “The Table” hits the stage this February. 
We started our “Make it Happen” fundraiser and hope to raise funds to cover our theater rental, insurance, production crew, marketing, and performer stipends. 
Our fundraising GOAL is $9,500 and we need to raise these funds by December 31, 2022.
If you can support us, go to the link below or send your donation to Scorpius Dance Theatre at 1700 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.
We will also be hosting our online raffle to support this fundraiser starting on 12/7. More details coming soon.
Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and unending support of the arts.  Happy Holidays!
Lisa Starry
Director, Scorpius Dance Theatre


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