Scorpius Dance Theatre is a collective of amazing people striving to create innovative ART

We love creating and performing innovative productions every year with hundreds of cherished patrons. Unfortunately, the reality of the performing arts is that ticket sales alone do not cover operating costs, and grants are becoming more and more unattainable for art-based organizations. We rely on generous contributions from our supporters.

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Your donation will help to cover various production expenses, marketing costs, and dancer compensation. Scorpius is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

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THANK YOU 2019-20

Caleb Reese
Ira Gains & Cheryl J. Hintzen 
Heather Jones 
Deb Simmer 
Jodi Floyd
Gorden Jesse,  Susan Silverman, Marcos Morales, 
Lupe Rico-Movassaghi, Pamela Foust, Cate Lenhart Hinkle Dominika Gains, Kelly Roth, Robb Lovell, Rena Steele
Tricia Von Retro, Tracy Lynn Rogers, Natalie Wagner
Mike Potts, Eugene Kochert, Eugene Serbus, Cary Boyer, 
Sarah Ward, Fay WaldoRochelle Shoemaker, Rena Steele,  
Michael Sarda, Michelle Soracco, Cameron Eggers
Natalie Shannon, Kimberley McClure, Michaela Church
Brandon McGill, Deborah Jamieson, Mary Ormsby
James Marinaro, Edward Schmuecker, Donald Peters
Thomas Phinney, Nicole L. Olson, Alexander Patrick
Debra Runbeck, Pamela Foust, Michaela Church
Rebecca Rubinstein, Liz Soto, Maggie Cortez, 
Juli Neiss, Karen Neiss,Weslie Swift 
Kori Stearns, Kelly Perkins, Paulie Staples

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