Three of the hottest event producers in Phoenix have come to together to present an artistic explosion of dance, music, amazing fashion, and jaw-dropping entertainment.

Photography: @ShotByJonny
Model: Dark Phoenix “Vital Vein Fashion”

This 18+ event features an evening of entertainment is co-produced by Lisa Starry of Scorpius Dance, Nicola Vendettoli of Cupcake and Samuel Morgan Wiseman of the 2Courtiers and AncientFuture.

Feris DuVal

Farris Duval

Stella Prince

Stella Prince

Your Hostesses

Faris DuVal (aka Terre Steed):

Terre is a local makeup artist, stylist, actor, and musician who has worked in the Phoenix Arts community for well over 25 years. He had worked with onstage and backstage with Phoenix Theatre, Scorpius Dance Theater, Nearly Naked Theatre, Stray Cat Theater, Southwest Shakespeare, and the [sic] sense comedy troupe among others. He is a huge geek and very proud of it. He is thrilled to bring the Wicked Faris DuVal out to play for ComicCon!

“Magic mirror on the wall, meet the wicked Faris DuVal!”

Stella Prince:

Stella Prince is the female illusion brought to you by Gavin Sisson. Stella’s creation was inspired by legendary Broadway divas such as Liza Minnelli, Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. Stella has made several guest appearances for Scorpius Dance Theatre, and is proud to be Miss Kobalt 2017.

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Dance & More

Scorpius Dance, internationally renowned dance company, leads the event with dance and aerial arts entertainment. Lisa Starry’s award-winning choreography will draw you into the night with sexy and talented performances all around you.

The visuals are accented with Nicola’s phenomenal taste in music that will leave you dancing in and out of fashion vendors, interactive installations, and amazingly well-dressed people. DJs Betty Blackheart and Self.Destrukt will keep you captivated the entire evening, so you can dance hard and party the night away.

DJ Bettie Blackheart

DJ Betty Blackheart

DJ Self.Destruckt

DJ Self.Destrukt

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The Phestiv Fashion Show


The Phestiv Fashion Show Isn’t your typical fashion show. The models are ROLE models instead of RUNWAY models who already live happy, beautiful, #Phestiv lifestyles and we just dress them up

You become a model by filling out an application and APPLYING yourself. 

If you would like to be a model, please fill out an application on the Facebook page here

Give us 1-2 sentences for each question why:

  1. You are a Hero
  2. Why you support the arts
  3. How you are creative or helpful in your daily life
  4. A picture of yourself in your favorite #phestiv /artistic outfit


Cosplay Fashion show
Cosplay Fashion show

You will be entered to a backstage pass to the Cosplay Ball and win free food, free drinks, free clothes, get all kinds of cool photos for yourself when you rock out onstage, & ultimately help support your local artist community.

The Phestiv Fashion Show is interlaced with dance performances amazing Electronic Music and heart throbbing spoken word performances from Phoenix favorite MC Samuel Morgan Wiseman who will be performing in Phoenix for the last time.

Come play a part in the Cosplay Ball!!


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What to wear?!

Let your imagination run wild and get ready to mix and mingle. There will be a best dressed contest outside of the fashion show, so everyone has a chance to participate. Cosplay dress to impress for a chance to win cool prizes! 


The Pressroom


Presented by: Scorpius Dance Theatre



  • $18 General admission + ticket fee (Purchase 5/4-5/27)
  • $25 General admission day of event at the door + ticket fee

Event Location and Info:

Phoenix Cosplay Production Team:

  • Lisa Starry
  • Nicola Vendettoli
  • Samuel Wiseman
  • Jennifer Miles