Black Kat Productions

Black Kat Productions is the unity of Phoenix boss babes Lisa Starry and Nicola Vendettoli, two local pioneers of art, community, gatherings, and transgressive exhibitions. The two are combining their years of experience to create community events that showcase professional/well-known artists from the dance, aerial arts and entertainment fields.


Starry, director and founder of Scorpius Dance Theatre, Arizona’s leading dance company, curates performances that embody art’s most enigmatic and alluring climes. Her production “A Vampire Tale,” a phantasmagoric tale of seduction at the hands of a vampire cult, has been a valley staple for 13 years, earning the nickname “the Nutcracker of Halloween.”

Vendettoli, a roller derby icon who led the Arizona Derby Dames through country-wide competitions and sisterhood, creates blasphemous garments under her award-winning clothing line Hell on Heels Couture. Her explorations in the obscure and the ostracized don’t stop there: She hosts edgy alternative dance nights around the city as a DJ and MC, and works as a pathology technician by day.

Their mission is to keep Phoenix weird by creating spaces for the eccentric, the outlandish, the far-out—domains for radical self-expression and imagination in thought, dance, and appearance. You are cordially invited to participate as they slay for unique new territory in Phoenix

The black cat has long been a symbol of the unknown, the opaque, that which lurks in the dark. And like a black cat, each event will demonstrate brave forays into that murk. That is the guide of Black Kat Productions.